Structuring "Tiered" Blueprints that "Talk" to Each Other

Danielle Arteaga
Danielle Arteaga ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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Hi, everyone. I am a relatively new Control Center user. Our team's work is organized at three altitudes:

  1. Strategic Priorities - these are the big-picture, usually fiscal-year-long goals we plan to achieve
  2. Initiatives - these are the quarter or multi-quarter "big rocks" we need to move to realize the Strategic Priorities by the end of the year.
  3. Tasks - these are the shorter-term projects we have to complete to achieve the Initiatives that roll into Strategic Priorities

When PS helped us stand up our Control Center solution, they built our blueprint at the Initiative level. That means we have provisioning of Initiatives but relationship of those Initiatives to their Strategic Priorities is pretty manual. Adding a new Strategic Priority is a heavy lift. And although Dynamic Scope reporting allows roll-up of metrics on the Initiatives at the Strategic Priority altitude, I think we would benefit from creating a new blueprint for Strategic Priority intake.

Creating the new blueprint is not a problem. Where I am in stuck is in how to get the Strategic Priority blueprint to "talk" to the Initiative Intake blueprint so that the relationships between SPs and Initiatives are automatically created. I have a vague idea that this needs to happen in the Profile Data section, but I've tried a few hacks with cell linking and formulas that seem to work initially but then break on provisioning a new SP, so I'm definitely doing something wrong. Can't seem to diagnose that on my own.

Has anyone done something similar? If so, any tips / insights you can share? Much appreciated.