Project request intake with multiple deliverables


Hi there,

I'm fairly new to Smartsheet so trying to figure things out. I have a need for a customer project request intake form. Where the customer fills out the form with information pertaining to their project (Project Name, Type of Deliverables (multi-select), and description for each deliverable (either I need one large text box for the number of 'types' selected OR I need the ability to have a repeating section (a text box, and they can click "Add another deliverable" to add another box). I used to be able to do this in InfoPath, but our company switched to other products so I can't use it.

I was wondering if there's any good examples or best practices or ideas on setting something like this up?

I would also, if possible, have separate intake sheet and project tracking sheet. (i.e. when someone submits a request, a manager approves the request, and then copies that request to the Project tracking sheet - but only the relevant columns).