Why am I struggling to embed Powerpoint slides into dashboards using the Web Content Widget?


Hi there,

I'm struggling to embed/share MS powerpoint slide decks in dashboards using the Web Content Widget.

Can't work out what I am doing wrong or if there's a bug with Smartsheet.

I have the files located in Sharepoint, with all share permissions set correctly. I have tested this by accessing the share links from incognito windows, and this works fine.

However, when I drop the share or embed links into the dashboard web content widget, I am either seeing a blank widget with nothing in it, or a MS Sharepoint logo with an invitation to login to Sharepoint (and when I try to log in nothing happens).

What I want to get to is the seamless presentation described in Smartsheet's video here https://youtu.be/qE-g_shICZQ

What I actually get is shown in these screenshots

Help please!



  • jessica@phoenix

    This issue is causing my problem too.

    When the UI for the Dashboards changed, Smartsheet did something that is changing the link or using the wrong permissions to pull the shared documents in one drive/sharepoint onto their dashboards.