Please help: update request notifications have stopped working

Hello. I am no longer receiving notifications of update requests. The update requests are being created, and show up in the "Requests for You" section on the home page, but no notification (via email or push notification) is coming. It was working fine two days ago but notifications (of update requests specifically) suddenly stopped.

I would like the person in the Assigned To column to receive a notification (via email and push) of the update request when a new task is created with them as the assigned to individual.

Please note that notifications (email and push) for approval requests and alerts are working. If I go to the workflow, and change the action to either approval request or alert, a notification will be received.

Some additional information:

Notifications for update requests were working fine until a two days ago. I'm not sure if it's a change I made.

I am using myself as the Assigned To person while testing.

I am still on the Free Trial.

My Sheet Change Notification Settings are already checked for "Include my changes in sheet notifications".

And I've already tried adjusting my workflow permissions to "Unrestricted" with no effect".

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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