Copy rows with unique combination of columns, then sum



  • Paul Higgins

    Thanks @Paul Newcome . I actually ended up using another solution you proposed elsewhere, as I was having an issue with data shuttle expressions. My sheets are actually a lot more involved than the simplified example I provided. I think it's looking good, even if it isn't likely very efficient.

    I ended up creating two helper columns, one a join of the name and fiscal week, the other a count of the duplicate rows. I summed any duplicate rows into new total columns and then report on only the first instance of the totaled columns.

    I love everyone's willingness to help, and appreciate it!

  • APalani
    APalani ✭✭

    @Paul Newcome I am working on the similar logic.

    Here is formula,

    =IF(COUNTIF([Part Number]$1:[Part Number]@row, [Part Number]@row) <= 1, SUMIF([Part Number]:[Part Number], [Part Number]@row, [Qty/Assy]:[Qty/Assy]), "Duplicate")

    This provides sum of total PN required. But we have another condition showing up, ie revision. I need to include a logic stating if same Pn listed in that column with same revision to sum, and consider another as new PN.