What is the easiest way to find a Column ID?

Luis Salguero
Luis Salguero ✭✭✭
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I need to find the Column ID for a Bridge workflow for a column named Second_receiving_list.

I've clicked everywhere to no avail.

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  • Diana Yeh
    Diana Yeh Employee

    Hi @Luis Salguero,

    This is a great question! To find the column ID in Bridge, you can use the Get Row module under Integrations>>Smartsheet in your workflow to find the column IDs.

    Once you've successfully added the Get Row module to your workflow with the respective fields, trigger the workflow (whatever your trigger is, go ahead and make that action occur). Once the workflow runs, the Get Row module will return information in the Activity Log, including the column ID.



  • Ward.Hively
    Ward.Hively ✭✭✭✭

    I know this is an old post put to future inquiries... Unless a better alternative exists... Make.com offers a "Get Sheet" module. Make features a free account with up to 1,000 free module runs. Pretty simple UI to navigate and it does the job.


    1. Create A Scenario
    2. Favorites
    3. Type "Smartsheet"
    4. Select the Smartsheet icon
    5. Select "Get a Sheet" and authenticate connection to SS
    6. Grab your Sheet ID (Assuming if you're asking for column ID's you can find Sheet ID)
    7. Paste into Sheet ID field
    8. Select "Ok"
    9. Right click the Module
    10. Select run module only
    11. Open the numeric bubble in the top right
    12. Expand the Columns field

    There ya go!

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