How do i create custom text labels for cards with different color backgrounds on the Card view?


on the Grid View i have conditional formatting on the column 'Company' so that it highlights as Blue, see image below:

on the card view which is the view i want to work with, i want the conditional formatting to indicate Blue for this value, ie for the conditional formatting to be carried across to the card, see below what i get at present, it only seems to be available in gray.... for all label values that i create.

my user story is that i need to highlight in different colors the labels on the cards and that one card may have multiple labels active. the color coding allows the different departments to see their cards easily when we go thru the board. How can i achieve this with SmartSheet, it is a feature of the software we we are using extensively at the moment and we are looking to swap to Smartsheet if we can get this resolved. thanks, E


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Maxwellelizabeth

    The only Conditional Formatting available in Card View is the colour down the left side of the card (in your image it's Green).

    You can set this up by applying a rule to the entire row and setting the Task Bar as a specific colour:

    Currently the cell formatting for each individual field is not visible on the card. Please submit your feedback to our Product team through this form, here!