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Persistent formula cells

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

MS Project has a lot of built in features that SmartSheet just doesn't have.  Such as calculating if something is late, setting a deadline that flags if the date moves, calculating AWC and SWC, etc.  

To that end I have created a bunch of hidden cells that do all the needed functions and checks, and then built the corresponding conditional formating etc, etc.

Is there a way to just set these as permanent/persistent all the time, in all cases (within the sheet)?  I know the Smartsheet has the "auto-fill feature will continue patterns of formatting and formulas," but only if insert rows is just the right way.  

I have found more ways to may the "auto-fill feature" not work than work, and then I have to unhide my columns, extend the formulas and re-hide.

SmartSheet is great (I am a fan) but others I work with will NEVER, be onboard if they have to do all the extra steps to make things work when MS Project already has it built in.


Example of all the calculation I'm doing is here:



  • MattH

    Why are you calculating those statuses in separate hidden columns? You could use nested if statements to accomplish the same thing in just one column. 

    Custom formula columns would be fantastic. 

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