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  • mdcatlett
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    Great going. I am also looking for the 'next step' - character/digit limits, custom pattern recognition, etc.

  • I've found that using the Number Only validation is problematic because it drops the leading zero when entered by the user. For a common example, the zip code for New Haven, CT gets typed in the form as 06511 but then the entry is saved as 6511 in the sheet. There are more examples than I can think of where admins want to restrict the form field to only contain numbers but a zero may be the first digit of a value.

    1. Is this issue in the queue to be remedied some time in the near future?
    2. Please don't @ me about using a hidden helper field with formulas to correct my zip codes.
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    @Matt Rasmussen The postal service should never have created any zip codes starting with a leading zero in the first place. What poor planning! But that's par for the course with USPS. I stopped using number only validation on zip code fields for this very reason.


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  • Today I found that using "Number only" validation rounds decimal entries to the nearest tenth, so when I put 2.25 in the form, the sheet records it as 2.3:

    Changing the validation to "Percentage" keeps the number entered on the form but it appends the % character, as seen in the third example above.

    Is there a plan to validate that a number entry in the form is still a number but not round the value?

    Validation is a great feature, but rounding is not helpful. This example is for time worked on a task, but we have also been using it for budget amounts, expenses, estimates, etc., and the rounding is causing more of an issue than people occasionally mistyping the wrong thing in the form that we were trying to prevent.