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Hi Smartsheet Bridge community.

We are pretty excited about enabling BRIDGE.

Have hit a roadblock and suspecting the sytax we are parsing is incorrect for a HTTP Call.

When running a CURL command to copy an existing sheet this is what we running - and works successfully.

The trigger is working fine. The following error is coming back after parsing HTTP call

"Invalid Content-Type header. Media type not supported."

And this is how we have configured Bridge to make the HTTP call.

I'm suspecting it has something to do with the syntax we are parsing.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  • SimonC
    SimonC ✭✭
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    I'll answer my own questions here.

    Smartsheet Support helped me out with such a fast turnaround (Thanks team)

    In the header there is no need to include ':' in the key

    And the body should be {"destinationType": "folder", "destinationId": 1516713075337092, "newName": "newSheetName"}

    Works a treat!