Insights or an Idea on Record Locks

edited 08/09/21 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm using the record lock function to lock down records. I notice that Admins can still edit a record without unlocking it. I'm using a Done check box to trigger the lock. I'd like to add / control some user Permissions level to be able to unlock a record by clicking the checkmark off, then the record unlocks. Is this level of permission already existing, or should this be made a suggestion for future functionality?

I'm using the Done checkbox to lock the row and capture the date the row was completed. I'm reporting through a dashboard the time it takes to turnaround the records from creation to completion. If a user wants to unlock the record, I'm perfectly okay with that, but I wish to rerecord a new Date done, to more accurately capture the real throughput.

Currently, they can edit the records if they are Admins, without unchecking Done. I'm 100% dependent upon their memory and compliance to a verbal rule, unless there is a level of control that can be incorporated.


  • Hey @Todd,

    We don't currently have a Sharing Permission Level that would allow Admin capabilities without being able to modify Locked Rows/Columns, but you may submit an Enhancement Request via this form for our Product Team to consider for development. We appreciate your input!

    At this time, only the Editor Permission Level will be restricted from modifying Locked Rows/Columns.

    We typically communicate about new or improved features once they've been released. Depending on the nature of the changes, we announce through email, in-product messaging, or via announcements on here at the Smartsheet Community.

    I hope this helps!


  • Thank you very much Jaykel.