Creating conditions to notifications and assigning team members



One Smartsheet I have created has been a Communication Flow sheet between our Admissions and our Marketing Department. I have had a request to automate notifying someone of a change made to our date column 1 week in advance of that date. Is this possible to create a condition and create that notification piece?

Thank you!

Tiffany Holohan


  • Hi Tiffany! Thank you for posting your question to the Higher Ed community. This can be done using Automations and for this particular scenario you could use the 'Alert Someone" automation to automatically send an alert when a date change is made and use a condition to give them a weeks notice. Here is a help link on Alerts and Reminders. You may also reach out to our Global Customer Success team at [email protected] if you have additional questions or would like to walk through this in more detail.

  • Thank you, Tyson! This was helpful and I was able to figure it out!

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