Data shuttle- keeping formulas from first row when doing a complete write over of all rows


We are trying to automate a price sheet from an outside system using the data shuttle. We pick up the file from OneSrive and map it to the target sheet in Smartsheet, this is where we are stuck. Is there a way to keep the crazy formulas we have created for all the tiers and discounts without having to manually log back into the sheet and copy/paste them from a notepad? We looked into expressions and it seems to ignore us, lol / Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

An example of one of the formulas: =IF(AND($[Partner Type]$1 = "MSP", [MSRP (USD)]@row > 0), ([MSRP (USD)]@row * (1 - $[MSP Discount]$1)), IF(AND($[Partner Type]$1 = "VAR", [MSRP (USD)]@row > 0), ([MSRP (USD)]@row * (1 - $[VAR Discount]$1)), IF(([MSRP (USD)]@row = 0), "Custom Pricing Can Be Arranged Through Your Sales Representative", 0)))