Form response that feeds the next form

Hi all -

We're trying to create a new client setup form that then feeds that new client number (auto-generated in Smartsheet) to the job setup form. There are many instances where we do multiple jobs for a single client, so our new clients will be on one sheet and new jobs will be on another. I have the "New Client" form to redirect to the "New Job" form once the user hits submit, but I can't figure out a way to get the "New Client" number to appear or be linked to the "New Job" sheet/form.

Ex. User gets a new client and fills out the "New Client" form. The client number is auto-generated as NC001 on the sheet. From there, I'm trying to make it so the "New Job" form will have that auto-generated client number either on the form or the sheet itself so we can link the two.

I'm trying to avoid having an incredibly long "New Client" form which is one reason they're separate. Also, we do multiple jobs for the majority of our clients.