Information from multiple columns into one


I have a sheet that includes department and sub-department data, which is collected from a form. The sub departments all populate into different columns, so i have sub department columns (A, B, C, and D). For each row, there is only information in ONE of those columns because people only have one subdept.

I want to create one master subdept column that combines all of that information so I only have to look at 1 column instead of a bunch.

Currently in the master subdept column I have this formula: =[Division: A]@row + [Division: B]@row + [Division: C]@row + [Division: D]@row

However, because there is only content in either A, B, C, D, not all of them, I'm getting a response that includes a 0 in the master subdept column. So instead of grabbing the response in C (say, "communications"), it says 0Communications, or ones with nothing in any of the columns are returning a 0 rather than a blank cell.

Any ideas how to fix this so that it will populate just "Communications," and will leave the master subdept blank if there is no content in A, B, C, or D?



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