Report Notification

Hello Smartsheet community!

We’re hoping to get some guidance and see what's possible. Our staff would like to get notified of all past due tasks in a single aggregated email reminder (they get too many emails, so aggregated information is essential). 

Here's what we think our ideal scenario is, but any guidance would be much appreciated.

1) Create "Past Due" Reports, per user (for us, this is filtered tasks showing items that don't have a completion date and a due date past today).

2) Weekly on Monday morning, if there are any items in that past due report (in each individual’s report), then send that individual an email link to their specific report or sheet (live, not PDF or Excel) – so that they can easily update and add completion dates for their tasks). If that individual doesn’t have any past due items (their Past Due Report is empty/has no items), then don’t send anything to that user.

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Is this possible?