Guidance needed on Scatter Charts- Issues encountered

@Andrée Starå @Brendan Reed or anyone else, is there a step by step for using the scatter chart? I am trying to graph 2 numerical columns for specific project rows, but the x axis is showing everything as '0', vs. the true value indicated; it is also separating the rows of data into two different places on the chart; e.g. if for project XYZ, column IIMPACT is '2' and column EFFORT is '3', it would be putting two dots on the chart, vs. one where they intersect.. Please let me know if that makes sense..



  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan Employee
    edited 09/20/21

    Hey @Rick_Bailey

    I see that you are currently working with our Support Team regarding this issue.

    Additionally, I can see that one of our Agents have reached out to assist with this matter.

    Although you have received a response, it may be worth responding to the Agent and providing screenshots of the behavior so we can ensure that what you are expereicining is expected behavior.

    Kindest Regards


  • Chris Mondeau
    Chris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Rick_Bailey any progress with your ticket? I'm curious for some sample configurations as well. Thanks!