Google login from Smartsheet invite


My organization uses Google Workspace and so I want my users to use the log in with Google option. However, if they don't already have a Smartsheet account, if I invite them to my organization as a free collaborator or share a sheet with them, it seems like Smartsheet just prompts them to create a password and doesn't give the option to log in with Google. The only workaround I've found is to have them create an account FIRST and then share something with them. However, this makes what could be a one-step process, a three-step process. Is there any way to invite a user and have the login through Google as an option from the first invite email? Or better yet... to ONLY have the login with Google option?


  • Sean Morgan

    Hey @jenna1234

    So from what I understand, you'd like to force all users to login via Google. I thought I'd provide a details of how this can be achieved.

    With an Enterprise Plan (which I'm unable to confirm if you have here in the Community, but you can check this by navigating to your Profile Icon then Plan Info or Plan & Billing Info) , you have the ability to decide users Authentication methods.

    If you were to invite a user to a Sheet with having login options restricted to Google, the user would still have to set a Password upon first accessing Smartsheet as "shared only" users don't inherit your Plans settings.

    If you were to invite a user to your Organization, with you authentication method restricted to Google only, the user would be directed to the Google Login page at the first instance, and no password creation would be required. From here, you could continuously share them to Sheets without them having to create a password.

    As for now, this is the only option, but you may wish to raise an Enhancement Request using the Hamburger Menu (3 vertical lines) in the top left of this page for better authentication processes.

    Kindest Regards