Report Formatting

Joseph S.
Joseph S. ✭✭
edited 09/17/21 in Smartsheet Basics


I am curious as to methods/best practices for formatting reports. I understand that row level datum have font, fill etc. carried over from the master sheet. What I am struggling with is getting Grouped tabs to have formatting displayed within the report. I have set up a system of grouping starting with the Sheet Name, Class, and Subclasses. These groups have effectively separated off the various project sheet level rows into their correct grouping.

While I enjoy this feature and feel that it is great to be able to generate reports, I am just rather shocked and confused as to the benefit of removing/not having formatting from the report itself as an option? Why is it that formatting from the project sheet cannot be carried over to Grouped headings while for rows, it is?

Visually, this gets the job done with one project within the report, however, I'm afraid with the sheer amount of projects to be put into this report the white on white, not clear defining row borders will be at the very least difficult to look at and navigate.

Has anyone come across with a work around or have any ideas how a report could be structured to just be more visually pleasing while still maintaining a hierarchical display of data? I have submitted a feature request. I have attached a PNG of how my report looks.

Any assistance or tips would be very much appreciated!