Availability Views


I would like to show team members availability - *available days *vacation days *sickdays for complete year ,,

Is there any template to achieve this or can anyone please help me how to proceed with this.

For Example: Something like this


  • Andrew Stills
    Andrew Stills ✭✭✭✭✭

    I pull a report from my projects to accomplish building a calendar of my technicians scheduled time. I can pull the report as individuals or groups and display their availability on the calendar. This shows me what projects they are working on a when. In addition, I build technician profiles for entering PTO, Vacation, etc to capture non-work related events but unschedulable days. Without 10,000' Resource Management, you are limited to pulling the Primary Column into the calendar. As such, I made the primary column my Calendar Item description and pull information from elsewhere in the row to produce a meaningful string to appear in the calendar. I also use Conditional formatting in my project template to key the calendar item color to a specific technician and thereby make it easier for me to read the calendar quickly.

    This works for me and over my over 2000 project sheets. I also, have the report only show the items from 7 days past and into the future. (as if nothing good ever comes from looking backwards. ;-)

    Below is example of my software team schedule based out seattle.


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