Dynamic View issue on a published dashboard

Deanna Vandermeer
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Has anyone else been experiencing any issues with using Dynamic View on a published dashboard? The issue just started for us about two-three months ago, but prior to that this exact same dashboard and Dynamic View was working flawlessly for three years. What we are seeing is related to our district's single sign-on. Until this year, our mentors could go to their published dashboard environment and if they were not already signed in to Smartsheet, the Dynamic View would allow them to login through a link right on the Dynamic View but now they are getting an error message. The current workaround that I have had to walk them through is to go away from the dashboard, open a new browser window, login to Smartsheet, then return to the dashboard and refresh the page. Once they do these extra steps they are finally able to see their information that we pull in through Dynamic View. But this is SUPER frustrating for our mentor teachers since they do not have any reason to ever be in Smartsheet and this extra step is completely defeating the purpose behind their published dashboard and Dynamic View. And yes, I have already had multiple customer service phone calls to try and solve this issue but so far no luck other than they have given me the exact same workaround suggestion that I am already doing. Sharing the dashboard and/or reports directly with 250+ teacher mentors that are constantly rotating in and out is also not an option, hence why we have built our solution out this way and it has worked for the past three years without any issues. I am just curious if anyone has run into anything like this recently and if the community has any other plausible ideas for other workarounds. Thank you.

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Deanna Vandermeer

    You're correct, in order to have the Dynamic View display correctly from a Published Dashboard, the user will need to log in to Smartsheet, first. Our engineering team is looking into making this smoother in the future, but right now your current workaround is the way to display this data.

    I would suggest adding a text widget above the Dynamic View with the Smartsheet App link to make it easier for the users to login and refresh the dashboard.



  • Deanna Vandermeer
    Deanna Vandermeer Overachievers Alumni

    That is a good suggestion, thanks. It is frustrating though since this has been our exact process for the past three school years and it just started malfunctioning at the start of the school year once mentor teachers came back from summer break so hopefully they can find out what caused the break in the process and get it back up and working properly. Thank you though, I appreciate the additional idea.

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