Automating Responses Between Two Smartsheets


I have two sheets that I am trying to connect in a specific way. The one sheet, Config Mgmt, has a Labeling Progress column with two dropdown options and six additional columns where users can input text. The other sheet, Labeling Sched, has a Document # column where users can input text and a Status column, which has the same two dropdown options in the Config Mgmt sheet.

My client wants to set up an automation process where if any of the text strings present in any of the six text columns in the Config Mgmt sheet match the text string present in the Labeling Sched sheet, and the user makes an update to the Status column, then the Labeling Progress column will automatically update as well.

I understand that this is most likely a very complicated task, so I attached two screenshots that will hopefully help.


Benjamin O'Leary

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