Hi all,

Does anyone know if this will work:

I have data meshing from a form submission to a tracker, we often have duplicate roles due to resubmissions (if something is rejected). If I sort my form so that the newest entries filter to the top, will that mean my data mesh will pick up first entries there?

I"m having a issue where the 1st entry detected is overwriting a field, which means some of my resubmissions are getting overwritten with the incorrect information. I can't turn this feature off since I also need this mesh to update blank fields and over write other information (as it's updated by a 3rd party).




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Sarah_Ko

    Yes, based off your description, in theory I believe that should work! I presume you have the "Duplicates in Source Sheet" configuration set to "Pick 1st Match"?

    I would recommend creating a duplicate copy of each sheet (using "Save as New") and setting up a simple test configuration to ensure the adjustment would replace data how you'd prefer.

    It looks like your account has access to Pro Desk coaching sessions as well. You may want to schedule a 30-minute screen share under the topic "Premium Apps" to walk through the Data Mesh config and any questions you have from this page, here.



  • Sarah_Ko
    Sarah_Ko ✭✭✭✭

    thanks Genevieve! Unfortunately, the times that they offer don't match with my schedule and I wrap up my contract in two weeks. It's definitely something I'll pass on to my backfill.

    As a follow up, this does seem too solve the issue!