Form-fed document builder from multiple rows

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I'm in Education Management, and I'm starting to dabble with Document Builder from a multi-rater input form approach. Essentially 5 different raters would submit the same form with their own unique input for the same unique value (in my case, the Student ID).

Is there a way to transpose multiple form rows by unique value to map cell values into one document? With parent/child rows, perhaps? I'm knowingly stretching my brain wings on this one, so any help or alternate workaround would be greatly appreciated!

I'm attaching a snippet portion of my fillable PDF form for visual reference of my intended field mappings. Thanks in advance!



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    You can collect everything on one row or another so-called helper sheet and row and reference it in the Document Builder.

    Make sense?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Sheet/Row reference! Ahhhh.... Ok, this will certainly stretch my wings, but I can somewhat envision what you're describing in my mind. Thank you so much for this suggestions. My other (dreamy) thought that might have possibly to have a 'waterfall'/chain form recipient logic a form where I'd duplicate fields where I want standard responses, but rename field/header by recipient number in the logic sequence. Realizing this may not yet be an available feature, I thought I'd mention this part of my process-storm. Much appreciated again!