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Hoping the community can help with this one.

I have a portfolio-level dashboard with a number of widgets. The primary widget is a report widget. Each row in the report represents a project in the portfolio and one of the columns is for a link to the project-level dashboard. The project-level dashboards themselves have links to project plans, RAID logs, etc.

The portfolio-level dashboard has been published but not everyone is able to view the project-level dashboards when they click the link from the portfolio dashboard. Of those that are able to open the project dashboards, some can't open the objects linked there (plans, logs, etc).

Does every object at every level of this type of hierarchy need to be published in order for people to be able to navigate up and down the different "levels"? With each project living in its own workspace, does that mean the project manager for each workspace needs to publish every object?

We have multiple consumers and audiences of these - project teams, department leaders, senior leaders across the business - and I don't want to have them all added as viewers of every object.



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    Hi @Sing C

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    Yes, it has to be published or shared. The easiest way would be to use the Contact Group feature and add it to the Workspaces or individual Smartsheet items.

    • Have you explored using the Premium App, WorkApps instead?

    Is that an option?

    I hope that helps!

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