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Hi Smarties,

I have a question on Index and Match formula.

I am using the Project Management Office template set from Smartsheet.

Based on the Intake sheet, a new project is created, and a number will be auto-assigned (SM-004)

I made a few changes by adding in Project Type between Project Name and Project Manager.

In another sheet, we just need to copy the Project ID in the Project Metadata, and the information will be auto-populated based on Index&Match formula.

However, as you can see, instead of taking Project Apollo as the Project Name, it is taken Project Type "Business Systems". Same thing as the Project Type column, which is taking Project Manager etc. The formula is as below

=INDEX({Portfolio Summary Data}, MATCH($[Project ID]@row, {Project ID}, 0), MATCH([Project Name]$1, {Portfolio Summary Header Row}, 0))

I am cracking my head on what is wrong with the formula above, it seems to be taking all the right ranges and names.

Porfolio Summary Data range

Project ID range

Project Summary Header Row range

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!




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