Notification Trigger 44 Weeks After Date

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I'm trying to set up an automatic notification for training reminders without using helper columns. I'd like to set up the trigger date as 335 days after a specific date (4 weeks before they need to renew). For example, if they renewed their training on September 28, 2020 then they would get a reminder notice on August 29, 2021...4 weeks before September 28, 2021. I can send automatic notifications 180 days after a date and 365 days after a date, but nothing in between those two parameters. Is there a way I can add my own "days after a date" parameter?

Thank you, Janette


  • Dale MurphyDale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Janette Do none of these options in a workflow condition meet your need:


  • Hi Dale,

    I had been trying to use one of those options, without any success so I was hoping there was another, easier solution. After many trial runs I believe I have found the correct combination: "is not in the last 335 days". Thank you for your help.


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