Making the survey using the forms and wonder about certain functionality


I am making the survey in my organization and created the sheet as well as the form. However I am struggling to establish certain logic in the form as I am not sure it is even possible. I want to create the following logic (example below):

Q1: what media outlets do you use to keep updated? (multiselect dropdown)

  • facebook
  • economist
  • washington post
  • cnn
  • bbc
  • local news

Q2: which media outlets do you use daily? (multiselect dropdown).

I want the answers selected in previous question to be shown as possible answers for this questions. So if the person selected cnn, facebook and local news in Q1 he has cnn, facebook and local news as possible answers in Q2 and select from those. Thus the answer display in Q2 should be directly linked to the answers selected in Q1. Is that possible to make?

many thanks!


  • Krissia B.
    Krissia B. Moderator

    Hello @Joana Khorto

    At this time, there is no direct method to show specific answers based on what answers a user select in a form but it is a great idea!

    When you can, please submit an Enhancement Request to be considered for future development with Smartsheet!

    Currently, Smartsheet Form supports to show specific field (question) based on answers. It is possible to create one question with all the answers then create multiple question that holds the probable answers to account for based on what the answer is selected which will require creating multiple fields.

    Visit the link below for more information on this.