NETWORKDAYS Formula using TODAY() not returning expected results


I'm using a Formula to calculate the pays past due from today. The current formula I'm using is =NETWORKDAYS([Due Date],TODAY()), but the results aren't coming out as I would have anticipated.

9/29/2021 returns 2 days past due

9/30/2021 returns 1 day past due

10/1/2021 returns -2 days past due

So, I created a formula that works in excel: =NETWORKDAYS([Due Date],TODAY())-(TODAY()>=[Due Date])+([Due Date]>=(TODAY()+1)) and this gives the results:

9/29/2021 returns 1 day past due

9/30/2021 returns 0 days past due

10/1/2021 returns -1 day past due

However, when I use the formula in SmartSheet, the returned result is #INVALID OPERATION.

Can someone help me figure out what the correct formula would be to get the same results I'm getting when I use that formula in excel?


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