Form Logic to Output Specific Values



  • AJ Sawant
    AJ Sawant ✭✭
    edited 10/08/21

    I want to ask is there a way for showing logic on the smartsheets form of say for example you select a field value and you want to have that show only certain field values corresponding to whatever field value you selected previously? Say for example you select in the field Fiscal year (Fiscal year 2021) and then you want to show for target release field certain field values . In other words when applying logic how can one set it to show values instead of just field names?

  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @AJ Sawant

    Conditional Logic in forms is linked to each field or column that you want to reference. There isn't a way to limit drop-down values in a single field based on a previous selection. You would want to set up multiple columns (one column for each potential choice, with the specific dropdown list values for that choice). Does that make sense?

    Here is an article on Conditional Logic in forms. This is a Webinar on Forms Best Practices that you may find helpful as well.



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