Global Timezone Setting


I am smartsheet admin for one of our client in GMT +8 Asia/ Hongkong timezone and Client is asking weather smartsheet or admin has some setting that make this timezone default for new users when they are part of Organization smartsheet account. I am aware about personal setting but they are not happy with that they wany something by default. Heres is the mail exerpt from client PM Head for your reference : " How can user have the timezone as GMT+8 by default? Not preferred to ask every user to update it by themselves, can it be done at Group level and apply the same setting to all user? "..could you please help me on this.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Rahul Bhandari

    The default account timezone will depend on how the account was initially created. If users are creating their own accounts or if you are adding them in to your plan via the Admin Center, then they will need to update their Personal Settings in order to select what timezone to be in.

    However, if you are the one creating the account, I would recommend sharing a sheet with the email address before you invite this email to join your plan. If an account is created via sharing, then the time zone is set to the time zone from where the request originated. See: Troubleshooting: How Smartsheet handles time zones

    After accounts have been created, there currently isn't a way to set a default timezone for your plan or bulk-update user timezone settings. Please let the Product Team know about your request by filling in this form, here!



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