Gantt chart line for overarching group within a report


Hi All,

I have report fed by a data sheet which contains dates for departmental events. These are grouped by department. I have added a Gantt chart which displays the individual lines but i'm wondering if it's possible to have the Gantt data roll up into the grouped Department line. For example, Department A has event 1 on 01/02 December, and Event 2 on 03/04 December, the Gantt line for the Grouped Department A line would block out 01-04 December. This would be preferred to rolling the data up in the source sheet and displaying as a separate line. Ideally something similar to how Outlook does it for it's scheduling assistant.

Any ideas please?


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If they are grouped by department in the sheet, then I would just add a row above each department and make it the parent row. Then the parent row's gantt bar will reflect the earliest start date through the latest end date for the child rows which would all be of the same department.

    Why are you trying to avoid doing this in the sheet?

  • Chris Andrews

    Hi Paul.

    Thank for coming back to me.

    The data is only grouped by department in the report, not in the source sheet. The source sheet acts as a list where each department log their key tasks chronologically rather then being segregated by group, although this could be amended. I did look at parent rows but that groups the date for one full window rather than each specified time period. Taking the below as an example, I'd want to be able to see a line showing the rolled up dates for each department, as well as overall across each area (hence hoping to could be done via grouping). Using a parent line wouldn't allow me to see that there is annual leave gaps, or that in fact the end of January would be free across all departments.

  • AdnanC

    Were you able to figure this out? I would like to do something similar and haven't been able to find an answer