Required AND Hidden Fields in a Form

I am using a URL parameter with a form to populate a hidden field. that field should always have a value. However, if the URL parameter is missing, the form can still be populated. It would be great to allow a field to be both hidden and required.

In addition to ensuring that the field has a value, if someone has access to the URL but is not aware that the parameters are also required, they cannot submit the form.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Mark Salamon

    If you want to ensure that a hidden field is always populated, what about setting a default value?

    The default value won't be able to be dynamic, so the URL parameter will still be needed to fill this out with something specific, but this would at least ensure there's some value there (perhaps even "Accessed Without URL Parameter" so you know what link they used.)

    Please also provide your feedback to the Product team so they can hear about your request!



  • Thanks @Genevieve P. although having no value or a default value does not help that much, as I can use either value in the logic of the sheet to determine whether to ignore the record. my goal is to keep the record from being added in the first place if that value is not set in the URL.

  • What about using conditional logic on your hidden field? If the hidden field is blank, then show a text heading with a message like "There's something not quite right about the link you're using to access this form. Please contact XX for a new link". If the hidden field has a value, then show the rest of your fields.