Sales pipeline with sort (need child/parent row stays together)

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I have a sheet that has child/parent rows and which I can sort by dropdown list order (see below pics)

So here are my questions:

1.) how can I have a report where it only shows the current user AND that the child/parent row are together when sorted in the report

2.) I want the sort to be "sort by dropdown list", is that possible?

3.) I have dynamic view, will it be helpful?

Thank you in advance.


  • Hi @Christina Lam

    Reports are unable to identify Parent/Child relationships as they evaluate each row from each sheet separately. (Please let the Product team know of your request through this form, here!)

    However it looks like your Parent relationships are set based on the Sales column. This means that you should be able to first Sort by Sales, and secondly by the Status in order to keep the hierarchy in a Report, like so:

    Keep in mind that the "Current User" will need to be associated with each row (Parent and Child) in order for the Report to show all the details you're looking for. I hope this helps!



  • Christina LamChristina Lam ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks, @Genevieve P. ,

    I've submitted my request a while ago, I'm looking for a workaround in the meanwhile.

    Unfortunately sorting by sales then status doesn't work for me because I'll be sorting by created, and this messes the order.

  • Hi @Christina Lam

    How about adding the Parent information to all the Child Rows then? (ex. "Client A" down all the Child Rows of that same column).

    The you could use the GROUPING feature to create hierarchy in a Report (see: Configure Grouping to Organize Results in Report Builder) Then you can SORT by Created and it will re-order the rows within their individual groupings.

  • Christina LamChristina Lam ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Genevieve P.

    I don't think I can add any more workload to the team by asking them to add more information to the child row. We have over 700+ parent rows and 2000+ child rows in the sheet.

    Thanks for helping.

  • Hi @Christina Lam

    You can actually apply this automatically to every row by using a formula! I would add in a helper column, perhaps called "Parent", then use

    =PARENT([Reference]@row) to populate the Parent name for all rows.You can set this as a column formula once it's in one cell.

    In your instance you may want to add a number of cells together to create a unique Parent Name, such as:

    =PARENT([email protected]) + " - " + PARENT([email protected]) + " - " + PARENT([email protected])

    Would this make sense for your specific sheet?

  • Christina LamChristina Lam ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Genevieve P.

    It's a great idea, but it some of the child rows are on top of the parent row when view in reports.


  • Hi @Christina Lam

    Perhaps I'm not understanding the Sort you're looking for in the Report.

    Would you be able to provide a screen capture of the ideal row order in the sheet, that you want to show in the Report? Can you identify why this needs to be done in a Report, and not filters in the sheet?

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