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I am having a great deal of trouble downloading attachments from my Smartsheet. It is extremely slow, see below. 45 minutes for 15mbs (eventually it changed to "2 hourse left" and then just stopped). For comparison, I downloaded a similarly sized file from Google Drive and it took about 15 seconds. I can understand it taking a little longer to download from Smartsheet, but not this much. This makes using Smartsheet as a File Management System impossible, as well as the Version History function. I have noticed uploads in the past were slow, but not like this.

Is there any work currently being done on this? I am hoping somebody can offer some insight on this. I like Smartsheet very much, but am not sure how to move forward with it if this is not resolved.


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    Hi @Nathan B. ,

    I would check with your IT manager to see if your firewall is causing issues. I just tested this and both upload/download of a similarly-sized file was instantaneous. We have a gigabit connection speed.

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