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Are only Google, MS, SmartSheet, Tableau, Vimeo or Youtube supported for HTML embedding on a dashboard?

This fails. Its from local web server:

<iframe    src="http://ws1105:3000/public/dashboard/e3e0eb5c-b88f-4f2b-ab53-4ee3958cd0a4"    frameborder="0"    width="800"    height="600"    allowtransparency></iframe>



  • Parker Oxford
    Parker Oxford ✭✭✭✭✭

    Other services/dashboards do offer embedding onto other websites. Are you sure your link is correct? I got an error when following it.

    Also is there a feature on whatever site you're getting this from to embed to HTML?

  • Its not routable. Its a link to an internal server. Not accessible from internet.

    Thats likely the issue although it is resolvable on the inside of the network, it wouldn't be from smartsheets perspective.