Email automations in report not working


Hi. I need help with setting up a report to send monthly to specific email addresses every month. I saw others recommendations on automating the "Send as Attachment" in the report, which I tried and it is not sending the reports.

Here's the steps I tried:

I created a report "Gas Receipts Monthly Report" which will send a monthly email to the finance department with the attached gas receipts and amounts so the gas reimbursements will be processed. However, when I set up the "Send as Attachment" details in the report, the report never sent it out. I originally set up this automation yesterday so the report had time to send it out this morning at 8am. I added myself and a co-worker so we could test the process, but neither of us received the report. So I made a few changes and tried to have the report send again this morning at 9am, but again, we never received it. What am I doing wrong?? Below is a screen shot of the settings I set up in the report. Help!

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