Contacts and Contact Lists

When you set up your My Contacts list you provide the First Last name, then the email address. That list is then used in contacts Sheets, Raid logs, etc. and when you search in the contact field of a sheet (whatever you choose to call it) the first name last name shows up and you can select that resource for the item. Part of the issue becomes when a new contact that isn't in your list is assigned to a sheet contact it only shows the email address of the person. Even if you go and update your "My Contacts" with the correct First Name, Last name then email, in the search you will see the email address first, not the full contact. This looks messy on the overall sheet because you can see the same person with just an email or the full contact name. It never seems to resolve itself, you have to manually delete/re-add with the First Name Last Name.

Example: I have a RAID log that shows John Smith as the resource but also [email protected] and it's the same person. John Smith is in My Personal Contacts with the First, Last name and email address.

This also seems to be an issue if you use a web Form to allow resources to add, say a RAID log item. The contacts appear in the list, but only with email address, not with the First Name, Last name.

This is probably a "newb" question but I'm spending a lot of time "fixing" contact names and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing incorrectly.

*Note this is compounded by the fact we have an index match on the RAID log that looks for the First Name, Last name from the contacts sheet and populates the company name. We keep seeing "no match" because it doesn't resolve based on the email address, only the First name, Last Name for the contact.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.