Assigned To shows email address not name

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When I setup the contact in My Smartsheet Contacts I include the "Name" and "email address", yet when I go to assign the person to the "Assigned To" column sometimes it only shows the email address and not the name.  We have a small team and I just want to see "Mary" in my "Assigned To", not "[email protected]"



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    It could be a mismatch from the contacts personal settings or maybe you have a duplicate.

    Remove Duplicate Contacts from the Contact List

    You will occasionally see duplicate contacts when you type a name or email address into a cell. To remove names or email addresses from the contact list, remove them from the preferred contact values and other cells in the column.

    If you still see duplicate contact values, it’s possible the name you’ve set up for the contact in your personal Smartsheet Contacts does not match the name they’ve associated with their Personal Profile. See Manage Contacts in the My Smartsheet Contacts List and Manage Your Personal Profile to ensure the name in your contacts matches the name on their profile.

    The names you select for your contacts will appear when you assign tasks to them in Contact List columns. However, in other areas such as the Sharing list, the name displayed will be pulled from the user's Smartsheet account. (You can change the name used with your Smartsheet account via Personal Settings: click Account > Personal Settings).

    More info:

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  • As a new user I am finding contacts a bit confusing. It doesn't help that in our organisation all licensed users are available in Smartsheet, but unlicensed users not.

    Anyway, my real question is why as the assignee of a task or the message creator in a conversation I can see people's names and photos, but when they are @mentioned in a message it displays the email address rather than the name. That seems to go for our internal licensed users or any other user.

    It is the behaviour shown in this video, so I assume that's just how Smartsheet works, but it seems like a weird design decision, given how long and/or obscure email addresses can be.

  • I have just tested the "created by" field and this also uses a long email address instead of a Smartsheet user ID.

  • So I changed the "created by" column back to "contact list", but when I select my name from the dropdown it inserts my email address (and picture), so it doesn't recognise me in the roll-up. I have to click on my name and "edit contact". Now I don't know how many instances of me are floating around in Smartsheet world.

  • I have this issue too. It seems to be a bug as there is no reason for it. My contact has a name in the contacts list, the contact has set up their profile, but it still keep entering their email address (I think because they were shared to PRIOR to being assigned a task) so they didn't have a name just an email address initially.

  • I ran into a similar issue recently with a new team member. I entered her corporate email address, hoping it would pick up her name and assign the little colored bubble with her initials. I came here looking for answers, and didn't have much luck. By chance, I clicked on her name as I was editing the Contact List Properties column once again; however, this time I clicked the Edit (pencil) icon, and her name was not entered in the first box (name) - only her email address. I added her name and that took care of that annoyance for me.

  • I am having this same issue as Robin and Marina. Have you found a solution to this problem?

  • One of our employees is shared on several sheets originally with her maiden name. Once she got married, she logs in with Google authentication. In the upper right corner shows her logged in with her married email. But the lower right corner shows her with her maiden name and email. When going to personal settings, she can change her name but not her email. The only way she can work on the smartsheets is to add her maiden name to the account also. She has worked with us for months to try to resolve this issue. There seems to be another account. But deleting accounts does not work either. Any ideas?

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @carolcho

    If your employee has created a second account with the new email, then if you're on an Enterprise account you could merge the two accounts together with User Merge, see: Admin Center: Combine accounts with User Merge

    If you're just seeing a discrepancy between the employee's account name and email, a System Admin from your organization can update her email in the Admin Center, see: Admin Center: Add, edit, or delete users