Auto Numbering between sheets

I have automation that allows for rows to be moved from one sheet to another based on "Request Type".

Each sheet has a unique prefix in this column, using Auto Number.

However, when a row moves from one sheet to another, I want the ID Number field to reflect the new sheet's unique prefix, instead of carrying over the previously assigned number. Is there a way to do this?


  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Michelle Collins (No, not that I have discovered). I use this feature to advantage: when I move a row to another sheet it is very easy to find the "imported" rows because their unique ID has a different prefix.

    (My eCommerce and Marketing teams exchange tickets from time to time, and need to find the other team's tickets in their respective list)


  • @Dale Murphy Thanks. Same here. But sometimes I need to move that row to another sheet that has a unique prefix as well, and would like to change the unique prefix and numbering sequence to the new sheets format. I tried adding a new column with a formula as well, but that didn't seem to solve the issue.