DataMesh - Data is not overwriting

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Looking to see if I missed something when setting up my datamesh.

I have 1 report and a tracker that need to feed into one sheet. The QAS - HRLmgr is not updating some information. An example of the item I noticed was a badge ID of a worker. Previously was N/A now since having the Badge ID and the user updated their sheet, on the end sheet it is not displaying this updated badge ID. Any thoughts?


  • Hi @Adriane Price

    When you say "Badge ID" in the description of the post, is that the same as your "Worker ID" in the DataMesh set-up?

    If so, this ID is the value being used for the match across the two sheets. This means if you change the Worker ID from "N/A to a number, it should add a new row with this new, unique number, versus updating the "N/A". The reason being that the N/A no longer exists, so it can't find the matching row between the two.

    However if there's a separate "Badge ID" field that's different from your "Worker ID", you'll want to make sure this specific field is set up in your DataMesh workflow and has a matching field (ex. is it Data field 17? or 18?)

    Let me know if this makes sense!



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