Using the cell data of a link in "Smartsheet1" to open and filter data in "Smartsheet2"

JLawrence ✭✭
edited 11/26/21 in Smartsheet Basics


Extremely new to Smartsheet, so bear with me.

I'd like to create a list of names (let's say "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie") in Smartsheet1, with each name being a link to Smartsheet 2.

Smartsheet 2 contains a table in which the column "Names" has various names.

On clicking a link in Smartsheet1, it then opens Smartsheet2 and filters the data in "Names" based on the link clicked.

E.g. Click "Bravo" in Smartsheet1, Smartsheet2 opens with only the rows with "Bravo" showing in the "Name" column are visible.

Hope this makes sense. If it's possible, any help would be appreciated.