Percent complete when using date & checkbox field types


I have a task sheet that lists 7 items per row that need to be completed. I would like to calculate the percent complete of these tasks, but am running into trouble with my formula.

I have 4 checkbox columns, and 3 date columns. I may not use the check or a date in each, some will have "NA" or text, depending on the situation, not sure if this is what is messing with my formula?

Basically, I want to calculate the percentage based on which cells are not blank. The date fields seem to work fine, but the check boxes appear to read as 'not blank' whether they are checked or not. See screen shot.

This is the formula I have attempted to use:

=(7 - (COUNTIF([Request Proposal inclusion]@row:[Lab/Equip Rates on JIS]@row, ""))) / 7


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