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  • Vadim K
    Vadim K ✭✭

    I will add to this question (please point me to a better discussion).

    1) I have 3 core sheets per project

    2) I prepared about 5 or 6 reports as widgets for dashboards

    3) I have 3 linked dashboards that use widgets

    In my current rudimentary case, I use a dashboard as a portal for report widgets (no charts, no metrics). The portion of the screen I can dedicate per widget is not large so I rely on users clicking into reports and then into sheets.

    I need to share that structure with read-only client. I can share normally with free collaborators (my license is Business) but I cannot require a login from a client. So the only option is to publish.

    What happens next?

    • I can publish dashboards but clicking on reports will prompt for login (unless user has report's link). Same if I publish report but clicking on it prompts for login to access the sheet.
    • I can publish all dashboards, reports and sheets but should I have 2 versions of everything - one connected to published links and another pointing to actual items?

    I also need to make sure it is part of the template environment. I don't have a control center so I cannot create a template set. Option I have is to make a copy of the folder. Copying of the folder would reconnect links, formulas and reports to new copies.

    But will copying support published links?

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Vadim K Copying will not support the published links because the only way to get them onto the dashboard is by using the specific URL in a Web Content widget. When you save a dashboard as new, those URLs will not automatically update to a new URL. You would have to go through and publish each piece then re-link the URLs on the dashboards.