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Conditional Formatting on Linked Sheet

Vikki Cooper
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi Guys

I have a sheet that is a programme sheet which holds all the high level data of each project within the programme of work.

I have a cell called budget variance which I want to be formatted as filled red, large bold text across the whole line. I want this to occur when the variance data is more than £9999. Currently i have a project which is £444,0000 over spent but hasn't formatted in the way I expected it to. Is this because the programme sheet only holds linked data from the original project?



  • Patrick Briscoe
    edited 04/26/17

    Hey Vikki -

    It is possible that the sheet that contains the original data must first have the Conditional Formatting attributed to the specific fields, however you should still be able to use the linked cell data to commit the Conditional Formatting to the sheet you want it to be attributed to.

    When you use formulas and links, the final values cannot typically be used to format in this way due to the fact that the individual cells are being read by the system as "Formula" instead of "Final Value". Best option would be to format the individual cells where the data is coming from.

  • SmSulli

    Conditional Formatting should work, even on linked data.  Show the conditional formatting menu so we can see what that looks like.


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