Global Update for Conditional Formating?

We work with the control center, and we have 50 plus sheets of a template sheet. (we have approx 10 templates in the template) We need to change the conditional formatting due to a change in our drop-down lists. As of right now, we will have to do it on every sheet. This is tedious and prone to error. With the changing conditions of our supply chain, I can now see the need for future adaptations, across several of our templates - and a lot more wasted time spent on formating - like weeks at a time. A HUGE pita.

Is there a plan to add global updates for conditional formating? Smartsheet advocates for automation saving hours per week, I hope we can add global updates to the hourly savings.

I realize I can utilize a global update for "column" formating, but have found this functionality NOT to work when there is any other conditional formatting in the sheet itself.

My Hope is that someone will pop on here and say it can be done and here is how! OR is there a strategy with reports and dashboards that eliminates the need for conditional formatting?

Thanks for any help!



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jef Forward

    There currently isn't a way to update Conditional Formatting rules through Control Center's Global Update feature. Please let the Product team know about the feedback you've posted above by filling out this form which goes directly to them for review: Product Feedback Form.

    In regards to a different strategy with Reports and Dashboards, it's hard to say without seeing your specific set-up and end-goals. If your plan has access to it, I would suggest booking a Pro Desk session under the Control Center category to go through this with someone over screen share.



  • Also would like to see the ability to word wrap a column as one of the global update changes. If you missed a word wrap in your blueprint, same problem, you have to go edit the sheet in every project (we have 46 so 46 changes).