Relationships between rows


I am exploring options to establish relationships between rows outside of parent-child hierarchy and how to make navigation interactive.

Examples what I am trying to have in place:

  • in sheet with dependencies enabled, I would like navigate to chosen predecessor or successor
  • In any sheet, I would like to navigate to a parent row of any level above current row
  • When creating a row that represents a record (outside of project planning structure) - like a standalone task, a standalone item like inside IRAD log, a trackable requirement etc. - I would like to refer to related records in the same sheet for future reference and direct navigation

Scenarios when such things are needed:

  • I am inside the work package row (which is inside deliverable section which is inside initiative section) and need to go to a sibling of deliverable. With large sheet of many (and multi-level) work packages, scrolling up to the proper parent is not an easy task.
  • I am inside the work package inside the construction deliverable. The predecessor of that task is a work package inside design deliverable. We have a delayed start due to delays during a design activity. The design task has a note explaining the situation. I am inside an online meeting and need a seamless jump to a design task to share the task comments and reasons for delays. After that I need jump back as seamlessly.
  • Inside IRAD log I recorded an assumption A15 (this is not a cell reference, it is a log item code). Concerns of compliance with this assumption is a risk R23. The row for R23 should have a reference to a row with A15 - for easy navigation during online calls (I am referring to online calls specifically since it is likely assisted with the screen sharing and when I am a presenter wondering around the sheet does not help). A risk described in R23 log item materializes. It becomes an issue I134 - long in the list of items. I need to close R23 record and create a I134 record with the reference to R23 as a source of the issue and a reference to A15 as an assumption a client agreed with.
    • A15, R23 and I134 are in no means have parent-child relationships - the R23 risk could be a result of more than one assumption, for example. A group of assumptions could lead to a group of risks. In fact, trying to simulate this with client-child relationships would lead to a conundrum - who is a child and who is a parent. Is issue I134 a child of R23 (since R23 leads to I134) or opposite (I134 becomes a parent with R23 and A15 children since they are drill-down of information)? Such artificial relationships will lead to violation of ordering of IRAD log items by order in which they are logged - or of any desired order for that matter.