Adding Active URL Hyperlinks into Dynamic View



I am attempting to create a Dynamic View that is built off of a report to show current user tasks. In the report, I included the "Sheet Name" column so that you are able to click on the Sheet Name link and it will take you to the specific row in that sheet. When adding the "Sheet Name" column into Dynamic View, the link no longer appears and the column simply states the name of the sheet.

Is there a way to include this "Sheet Name" link in the Dynamic View so the user is still able to click on the hyperlink and go directly to the specific row in the sheet?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @nunderhill

    Currently Dynamic View is unable to make the Sheet Link column from a Report clickable hyperlinks, like in the source (as you've found). Please let the Product Team know of your feature request by filling in this form, here!

    You could potentially add a helper column in all the source sheets that contain the sheet URL in a cell, which would then be clickable in both the Report and the View, although it would take the user to the general sheet versus a specific row.



  • Monster Man
    Monster Man ✭✭✭

    Thank you Genevieve, this method works great, I use it regularly. For clarity for others here is my method:

    1) Load the sheet/report or dynamic view you want the user access in your browser.

    2) Copy the full URL from your browser address bar.

    3) Create a helper column in your sheet called "Sheet Link" or something similar. Format as a text field.

    4) Paste the full URL into the cell. Add =" at the front and " at the end. It would look like this: ="pastethefullURLhere"

    5) Then convert the cell to a "column formula" (right click on the cell containing the URL formula and select "Convert to Column Formula"

    6) Then include the "Sheet Link" field in your report or dynamic view.

    This should result in a clickable link. One added benefit of this approach is that the link will open in a new browser tab for the user making it easy to navigate back to the source report by just closing the browser tab.

    Hope this helps.