The company I work for does not have the Calendar App in their plan (at least not for now), so can anyone share their best calendars tips and tricks to show their Holiday staffing without using the calendar app?

Any and all suggestions welcome!

Elizabeth aka Smartsheet's #1 Fan 😅


  • GrahamWelsby
    GrahamWelsby ✭✭

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Very simply I set up a grid that had Contact List, Start Date and End Date.

    Then a form for the users to add the dates in, and in the Calendar view, just make sure the settings are 'Date Ranges' - Start Date and End Date.

    I have add in since using the approval a way of adding in the Dept. Manager for approval of the request, and a shared filter to show only approved holidays. Bit more complex, but can be set up relatively quickly.

    Hope this helps?


  • Elizabeth Riebeling
    Elizabeth Riebeling ✭✭✭

    Thank you! That is pretty much what I have (I used an existing template). I'm in a new Dept. so I am not sure if Holidays need to be approved before submitting. If we do, I will definitely add that!