Selecting a sheet reference from dashboard, report or another sheet


Every time I need to select a smartsheet item from another item (report for the dashboard, item for widget behavior, item in the dashboard shortcut, a source for a report, or a hyperlink to another sheet), the item selection begins from the top Sheets folder.

Is it possible to configure that dialog (I am trying to look for that in the account preferences) to begin the selection with the same folder as a current item or at least from the workspace containing the current item?


  • Mike Blumenstein

    Hey Vadim, this is a fun work around for what you are looking for while building in Dashboards. If you copy and paste an existing widget, then edit the new (copy) widget it will be automatically pointed to the object you are looking for. Also, that picker does allow you to collapse the sheets directory if you are trying to get into a workspace, and it also has a search bar that can help you find the specific sheet much quicker. Hopefully that helps?